Public Events & Sporting & Recreational Events, Film, Corporate , Concert.
We can customize to meet your specific needs including a range of emergency transportation vehicles available

Our comprehensive insurance coverage meets and exceeds the industry standards




MedTech can provide film production coverage whether you just need a first aid attendant or full paramedic coverage, we can have crews on your set whenever needed.

Promotion companies carry a responsibility to their attendees to provide appropriate first shapeimage_2-1aid response to their level of risk. Different aspects need to be taken into consideration: age groups, pre-existing health conditions, expectations of a level of care. Large events require a response team capable of complex communication systems and coordination with event staff.

Load kneeAll MedTech EMS staff have several years of training with further ongoing training for specialized needs. This enables us to care for all ages groups that may attend a public event and confidentially care for their needs.